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A Meeting of the above named Council convened by the Council was held in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall on Monday, 16th September 2013 at 7.00pm.

Present: Cllr Walker Cllr Waites
Cllr Bainbridge Cllr Parry
Cllr Bell Cllr Denison
Cllr Warland Cllr Robinson
Cllr Harrison

District Cllr Duff


Mrs Sheila Simms hoped that the Town Council would object to the latest planning application for the new eco house at Quarry Hills. She also commented that the town has a lot of work to do to prepare for the Tour de France next year.

District Cllr Duff informed Councillors that the Quarry Hills application would be decided by the Richmondshire District Council Planning Committee. He was delighted that the Old School House project was to receive nearly £37,000 in grant funding from the Communities Opportunities Fund towards Phase 2. Under the same scheme the Scout and Guide Hall would receive £10,000 for major improvements.

2836. APOLOGIES were received from District Cllr Butler.

2837. To receive any Declaration of Interest under the Council's Code of Conduct or Members' Register of Interest – Cllr Waites expressed an interest in item 9.

2838. MINUTES OF MEETINGS held on Monday, 19th August 2013 and extraordinary meeting held on Monday, 2nd September 2013 – Councillors approved the minutes of the meetings as a correct record.


The Police had informed the Council that it was not possible to prosecute the suspects involved in the attempted theft of donation boxes at the toilets.

The railings on the Mount are not broken and therefore painting work can be organised by Cllr Waites.

The Clerk had received a request from the Round Table for permission to use the playing field for the 5th November bonfire and fireworks display. Councillors agreed to this but the donation will be discussed at the October Meeting of the Council.


Cllrs Parry and Bainbridge had attended the meeting of the Portas Town Team. A few more people had been present this time and more was achieved. A sub-group had been set up to help promote the Tour de France. The group had obtained prices for town entrance signs but it was unlikely that the NYCC Highways would give permission for these to be located at the side of the entrance roads. Therefore those signs already there may be upgraded instead.

Cllrs Denison, Walker, Bell and the Clerk had met with Darren Chapman from NYCC Highways to discuss possible remedies to prevent lorries damaging the kerb at the roundabout. It was agreed that the first option should be to install a bell bollard to protect the kerb. This would be cheaper than moving the pedestrian refuge in the road and the associated dropped kerbs.

Cllrs Robinson, Bainbridge and Denison had attended the rugby club's presentation of its plans for the new facilities and the money-raising events to be held. It was an exciting project with excellent ideas.

Cllr Parry had attended the branding group meeting of the Lower Wensleydale Area Working Partnership. The group had applied to the Communities Opportunities Fund for further money and will also be asking Middleham and Leyburn Town Councils as well as the Business Association for additional funding.

Items Circulated

a. The Fair Share Petition – Councillors had signed this and it will be returned by 27th September
b. YLCA - Training Programme for Councillors & Clerks Sept to October 2013
c. White Rose Update – August 2013

Decision/Comment Required

d. Richmondshire Local Plan Core Strategy: Development Target Review - The number of new homes planned for Leyburn has been reduced. The comment was made that it was very difficult at this stage to produce this review when there are so many unknowns.

e. Richmondshire District Council – Area Partnership Funding Scheme 2013/14. Applications close on 1st October 2013 (max. grant £500).

f. NYCC – Proposed changes to local bus and school transport services. Councillors had been able to compare the current timetables with the proposed timetables for April 2014 onwards. Only one of the 156/157 services to Bedale and Northallerton was to be stopped. However, the Richmond/Ripon service was to be heavily cut. There are still many problems with the connections of the 156/157 service at Bedale and many people do not have the confidence to use this service for fear of being left stranded at Bedale. It would be far better to have through services from Gayle to Northallerton and back to avoid these problems. If connections continue as planned then it is vital that conditions are included in contracts to ensure that connecting buses wait for each other. Passengers need to be informed when buses have broken down so that they can make other arrangements to get home. The Ward Councillors need to take up this issue too.

g. Resurfacing of the Market Place – It was agreed to discuss this again at the December Meeting of the Council since it would be better to leave the work until Spring 2014. The small areas in front of the Golden Lion and the adjoining area should also be resurfaced at the same time

h. Councillors discussed possible changes to car parking on the cobbled area adjacent to the war memorial. They considered the removal of an area four spaces wide currently marked for cars, this would lose seven useable spaces. The effect of this would be to help to create a more open feel to the top of the Market Place instead of the congested 'car park look' that it currently has. As well as this improvement, it would reduce the number of cars driving over the pavement to leave the parking area. It was agreed to add this to the December Agenda at which the Market place resurfacing will be discussed.

i. Masham Community Office: Masham A1 Sign Campaign Update - It was agreed to send a further letter of support.

j. Spennithorne Primary School - Councillors granted permission to hold a car boot sale on 29th September in the field opposite Tennants.

Decision/Comment Required

The next quarterly meeting for Councillors will be held on 14th October at 7.00 p.m.


a. 13/00350/Full Full planning for construction of timber building to provide stable and hay store, Button Barn, Wensley Road. Granted

b. 13/00153/Full Full planning for proposed change of use of existing Church Hall to form 2 two bedroom dwellings, St Matthew's Church Hall, Harmby Road. Granted

c. 13/00305/FULL Full planning for conversion of redundant farm building to form camping barn at agricultural barn, Wensley Road. Withdrawn

d. 13/00121/Full Full planning to replace existing front door. Granted

e. 13/00412/VAR Variation of Condition 5 attached to planning permission 11/00223/Full to allow a timber post and rail fence to be constructed in order to reduce the risk of damage to the mains water supply pipeline running through the site at Mill Lane, Harmby Road. Granted

f. 13/00421/EXT Extension of time for implementation of full planning for erection of new dwelling house re 10/00513/Full at land adjacent Kilifi, 9 Quarry Hills Lane. Granted

g. 13/00436/Full Full planning for 2 additional flats in lieu of 4 approved commercial units at Elite Cinema, Railway Street. Granted

Decision/Comment Required

h. 13/00506/AORM Approval of reserved matters for construction of 2 detached dwellings at land adjacent Thornborough Crescent, Richmond Road

i. 13/00513/VAR Variation of condition No. 17 planning permission 1/78/658/Full to allow the inclusion of fascia and soffit details to eaves of approved Herontree Range buildings at land off Whipperdale Bank, Moor Road

j. 12/00618/Full Full planning for conversion of stone barn to form three bedroom dwelling to barn conversion, Moor Road

k. Ref. 13/00519/FULL Full planning permission for erection of single dwelling on vacant land at 10 Quarry Hills Lane, Leyburn

With regard to item (g) Councillors will ask the Richmondshire District Council Planning Department why the rule about providing affordable housing had not been applied to this application with its increase in the number of flats within the building.

With regard to item (k) Councillors still did not feel that this application was in keeping with the conservation area at Quarry Hills. The original integrity of the group of buildings will be harmed.

2844. MARKET
Decision/Comment Required

a) Councillors gave permission to Mr G Williams to sell Christmas chocolate novelties and sweets. Cllr Waites abstained from the voting.

b) The Market Working Party will meet on Friday, 20th September at 11.00 a.m.

Decision/Comment Required

Councillors approved the accounts as attached.


Cllr Robinson had received many favourable comments about the town from people he had met whilst away on holiday recently. The visitors had found the town to be welcoming and very friendly.

The market shelter needs decorating inside. Cllr Waites will ask if the community group can do this work.

Streetlights on Woodside and near the Co-op are not working and will be reported.

Cllrs Harrison and Waites are now First-Responders for Leyburn.

The metal seat on Richmond Road will be replaced with the metal seat from Grove Square when BT carry out work on a new exchange cabinet in Grove Square.

2847. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday, 21st October 2013 in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall at 7.00 p.m.

Meeting closed
By Order of the Council.

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