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A Meeting of the above named Council convened by the Council was held in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall on Monday, 17th February 2014.

Present: Cllr Waites Cllr Bell
Cllr Bainbridge Cllr Warland
Cllr Denison Cllr Harrison
Cllr Parry Cllr Robinson

District Cllr Duff


Mrs Sheila Simms complained that the District Council Planning Committee had not taken the Conservation Area at Quarry Hills into consideration when considering the latest planning application for the eco house. District Cllr Duff had tried to raise this issue also but had been ignored. Elaine Harman also agreed that the District Council was ignoring the Conservation Area status. Councillors were asked to attend the next Planning Meeting on 4th March at Richmond at which the application would be considered. Although the Town Council had previously submitted comments opposing the eco house, it was agreed to send another letter reaffirming the original objections.

2906. APOLOGIES were received from Cllr Walker and District Cllr Butler.

2907. To receive any Declaration of Interest under the Council's Code of Conduct or Members' Register of Interest – Cllr Bainbridge: item 6 (l), Cllr Waites: item 9(b) and Cllr Warland: item 6(l).

2908. MINUTES OF MEETING held on Monday, 20th January 2014 were approved as a correct record.


The District Council would be able to lend high viz jackets and litter pickers to the School so the litter on the embankment above Woodside could be cleared up.

NYCC Highways had responded to the Town Council's request for the first speed humps in Brentwood to be removed if the parking restrictions are adopted there. These must be left in place for the 20 m.p.h. limit to be legal.

The Town Council had also asked if the proposed extension to the 30 m.p.h. limit on Harmby Road could be extended as far as Tennants Auction House. The length of road in question did not meet the criteria for such a speed limit.

NYCC have set up a consultation for the Minerals and Waste Joint Plan at www.northyorks.gov.uk/mwjointplan. Views must be submitted by 11th April 2014.
'CheerSing' will be holding a workshop at the Old School House Arts Centre on Saturday, 12th April at 2.00 p.m. People who attend can learn how to devise their own local chants and cheering songs for the Tour de France.


Cllr Bainbridge had attended the Town Team Meeting and reported that the shopping and business directory would soon be printed. Four more cycle route leaflets will be printed by the end of March.

Cllrs Bainbridge and Robinson had attended the Tour de France Meeting. The pay and display car park will be available for various activities and events including climbing walls, skatepark and live bands. It is anticipated that at least 20,000 visitors will be in the Leyburn area that week and so car parking in nearby fields has now been organised by a professional team and the event itself in the town is being handled by a professional events organiser. The Group has applied for 'Hub Status' from the Tour de France and if granted this will mean more funding towards the event.

Cllr Parry had attended a meeting of the Branding Group. Small local businesses are being encouraged to advertise on the website.

Cllrs Parry and Denison had both attended the Lower Wensleydale Area Partnership Meeting. The Group is looking into the placing of a brown sign for Wensleydale on the A1 at Leeming Bar. The lane next to Thomas the Bakers shop will be resurfaced in March as soon as the new gas pipe has been installed there. Councillors were pleased to hear that £56,000 of the £86,000 available through the Richmondshire District Council Communities Opportunities Fund had been paid to projects in Leyburn.

Items Circulated

a. Clerks & Councils Direct – Jan 2014
b. Richmondshire Community News
c. North Yorkshire Police – Newsletter Jan 2014
d. Lower Wensleydale Area Partnership Board Meeting minutes Oct 2013 and
Agenda for Jan 2014 meeting
e. Market Times – February 2014


f. YLCA – Richmondshire Branch Meeting - Thursday, 20th February at 7 p.m. in Richmond Methodist Church, Dundas Street, Richmond.

g. Leyburn Town Council Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Monday,
31st March 2014 at 7.30 p.m. Items for inclusion on the agenda should be received by 17th March.

Decision/Comment Required

h. Bellerby-Leyburn Footpath/Cycleway - Councillors discussed the request for a donation towards the project. Councillors agreed in principle to support this but will ask for more information about the start date and when the money would be needed.

i. Councillors discussed the RDC consultation on part-night lighting of the District Council street lights which would mean that they are turned off between midnight and 5.00 a.m.. Councillors agreed with this but felt that the appropriate authorities should select which lights are left on for safety reasons.

j. It was agreed not to raise the charges or amend the rules for the placing of tables on Town Council land for 2014.

k. Barries Ices Ltd were awarded the sole right to sell ice cream on Leyburn Market Place for 2014.

l. Councillors discussed the Town Team's application to NYCC for bike racks to be placed on the pavement in front of the Dales Haven Guest House. This would also commit the Town Council to the future maintenance of the racks. It was agreed that this is not an ideal location and the Group should find another one to bring back to the Town Council for consideration.

m. Councillors discussed charging for the use of Kelberdale Terrace toilets. Details of access coin panels had been obtained but the matter would be deferred until the March meeting so that other pay mechanisms can be found.

n. St Andrew's Church, Grinton - Councillors agreed to the request to hold a car boot sale in Parks Field, Grinton on Monday, 26th May 2014.

Decision/Comment Required

a. Councillors gave approval for the exterior painting tender for Thornborough Hall to be sent out.

b. The next Thornborough Hall meeting for Councillors will be held on 31st March at 6.30 p.m. before the Leyburn Annual Parish Meeting.


a. 13/00735/LBC Listed Building Consent for alterations to existing second floor bedrooms and flat to form ensuite bedrooms and Manager Flat. The Bolton Arms, Market Place. Granted

b. 12/00618/Full Full planning for conversion of stone barn to from three bedroom dwelling. Barn, Moor Road. Granted

c. 13/00686/Full Full planning for single storey extension and new conservatory and extension of residential domestic cartilage. Flatts Farm Bungalow, Middleham Road. Granted

Decision/Comment Required

d. 14/00030/VAR Removal of Condition 2 of planning permission 13/00682/Full to allow the installation of the solar PV array prior to the restoration of the land as required by planning permission C1/78/172Q/CM at Shawl Quarry, Moor Road.

e. 14/00057/Full Full planning for extension to front and rear, extension of existing garage and re-location of front door to north side at 32 Park View.

f. 14/00074/Full Full planning for two storey rear extension at 7 Thornborough Crescent.

Councillors had no objections to the above applications.

2914. MARKET
Decision/Comment Required

a. Councillors agreed that the Friday market on 4th July (Tour De France weekend) should be cancelled since it will be impossible to set up barriers etc with the market stalls in the square. Traders will be offered the chance to attend on the Thursday instead.

b. It was agreed to offer Mr WA Collins of Bradford a pitch to sell sweets.

Decision/Comment Required

Councillors agreed to submit an application to the RDC Children's Playground Improvement Scheme for funding towards a scramble net as a replacement for the old log climber.

Decision/Comment Required

a. Councillors awarded the Cemetery and Garden of Remembrance grass cutting and maintenance contract for 2014 to Horton Landscaping Ltd.

b. Following discussion it was agreed to remove the Cemetery Rule regarding photos on headstones and in future these will be permitted but the size and design must be approved by the Town Council. Cameo photos should be no larger than 4.5" tall.

c. Councillors granted permission to Mrs Carol Craddock to put a cameo photo of her late husband on his headstone.


The update was given earlier in the meeting. All businesses in town providing food will be offered the opportunity to set up food stands away from their premises but they would need to have the appropriate equipment and stalls.

Decision/Comment Required

Councillors approved the accounts as attached.


Cllr Bainbridge was pleased to report that the streetlight at 5 Woodside was finally lit again.

Calverts will be reminded about the two potholes that require mending in the Market Place.

A letter will be sent to support the request to BT to move the new BT cabinet in Grove Square to a more suitable location.

There are potholes in the road opposite the Surgery on Brentwood, these will be reported to NYCC Highways.

2920. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday, 17th March 2014 in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall at 7.00 p.m. Note: Annual Parish Meeting - Monday,
31st March 2014 at 7.30 p.m.

Meeting closed
By Order of the Council.

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