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A Meeting of the above named Council convened by the Council was held in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall on Monday, 21st July 2014.

Present: Cllr Walker Cllr Bainbridge
Cllr Parry Cllr Bell
Cllr Harrison Cllr Begley
Cllr Borman

District Cllrs Butler and Duff
County Cllr Harrison-Topham
Sgt. Nigel Haresign


Mrs Val Bell asked if the Town Council would consider arranging for a plaque for the Market Place to commemorate the Tour de France event. This will be discussed at the August Meeting of the Council.

Mrs Sheila Simms was concerned to have heard that as from 2015 the grass verges in the town would no longer be cut. She was concerned that if there was no householder nearby then some areas of grass would not be cut and therefore asked the Town Council to draw up a plan before 2015 to arrange for the cutting of verges.

2980. APOLOGIES were received from Cllr Robinson.

2981. To receive any Declaration of Interest under the Council's Code of Conduct or Members' Register of Interest – There were no Declarations of Interest.

2982. MINUTES OF MEETING held on Monday, 16th June 2014 were approved as a correct record.


The application for the 47 new houses at Maythorne Farm will be considered by the District Council Planning Committee on 29th July.

The service bus no. 156 from Bedale to Gayle will leave Bedale 15 minutes earlier (8.05 a.m.) as from 4th August 2014 so that passengers can connect with service bus no. 113 at Hawes.

The request to the District Council for a dog bin at Quarry Hills is now on the waiting list.

The Valuation Office had reduced the rates on Kelberdale toilets by £1,275 p.a. as a result of the recent application by the Town Council.

NYCC would be charging for the disposal of hardcore, rubble and plasterboard as from 4th August 2014 at their recycling centres.

Leyburn Community First Responders Team had sent an update on their progress to the Town Council. This will be circulated around Councillors.


Cllr Bainbridge had attended the Town Team Meeting. The new Leyburn shopping directory and cycle routes leaflets had been printed. He thanked Sheila Simms and Hilary Jones for their hard work preparing the cycle leaflets.

A Shawl Fields Management Group Meeting had been held and a thistle-cutting session held. Members will be planting 400 hedge whips in Chapel Flatts.

Cllr Parry had attended the Lower Wensleydale Area Partnership Meeting. A representative from Vale and Dale had talked about the home repair service they offer. Jane Ritchie had given a short presentation about the Clinical Commissioning Group. Cllr Borman asked if the Group could look into how the current medical services at Brentwood Lodge would be provided in the future. Cllr Parry suggested that it would be better if someone from the local medical service came to the Meeting if this were to be discussed. Cllr Parry reported that plans were already being made to have a 'Wensleydale' brown sign put up at the new Bedale by-pass. The resurfacing of the lane next to Thomas the Baker is being held up due to legal reasons. The Partnership Fund has £25,000 to distribute in grants of up to £500.

Cllr Walker had attended a site meeting at Fords Lane held in connection with the proposed new housing at Maythorne Farm. A resident had reported being woken up at 2.00 a.m. by a tanker removing sewerage. District Cllr Duff had already followed this up and informed Councillors that he was assured by Mr Peter Golightly that this only happened when maintenance was being carried out at the pumping station. Cllr Borman frequently contacted Yorkshire Water about the inadequate sewerage arrangements for Brentwood and agreed to pass on his correspondence to District Cllr Duff. The developers of the new housing should take this matter very seriously, even if it means a Section 104 Agreement being imposed on them to ensure that the work is carried out to the satisfaction of Yorkshire Water.

Items Circulated

a. Clerks & Councils Direct – July 2014.
b. Leyburn & Mid Wensleydale Business Assoc - Minutes of meeting 3/6/14.
c. Lower Wensleydale Area Partnership Board Meeting - Minutes of meeting 24/4/14.

Decision/Comment Required

d. Councillors considered a petition signed by 43 residents of Brentwood requesting that NYCC Highways takes note of residents' concerns in connection with additional traffic loading on Brentwood. This agenda item was requested by Cllr Borman. The Chairman read out a reply sent by David Bowe from NYCC in repsonse to this. He pointed out that H M Inspector Turner referred to in the petition was considering the Richmondshire District Council Local Plan for 1991 – 2001 at that time. The findings were based on planning advice current at that time and the local plan in question has now been superseded. It is not possible to consider current applications against policies which have since been withdrawn. The planning committee will make their decision using current standards and policies. Cllr Walker asked Councillors if they should consider supporting a petition that concerned issues that were no longer valid. Some issues such as clearer 20 m.p.h. signs at the entrance to Brentwood, more double yellow lines near the junction with Railway Street, better speed humps etc could still be discussed with Highways. County Cllr Harrison - Topham advised Councillors that too many yellow lines cause displacement parking elsewhere and therefore new lines are brought in gradually and then reviewed. Councillors voted in favour of asking Highways to take note of residents' interests.

e. Councillors considered a request by Cllr Borman to hold a surgery for electors during August and would agree terms and conditions under which this would take place. It was generally felt that very few people would come to a surgery and that ratepayers could easily contact the Town Council by telephone, email or by coming to the office. The Clerk had received advice from Callum McKeon at Richmondshire District Council and a legal advisor at YLCA. They had both stated that the Town Council should lay down rules and guidelines under which such a surgery could take place i.e. information can only be received from electors and brought back to the Town Council. Cllr Borman stated that Callum McKeon and the YLCA cannot tell him what he can and can't do. Cllr Walker was concerned at Cllr Borman's lack of experience as a Town Councilor but he replied that he has studied local government law for over 20 years. Cllr Walker stated that this matter must come back to another meeting to allow further advice to be sought.

f. Councillors considered the request by Cllr Borman that all correspondence (inc. emails) received by the Town Council and the responses sent are copied into two folders and made available for all Councillors to read prior to meetings and that Councillors should be able to speak on this correspondence under the appropriate agenda item. Cllr Borman wanted to know exactly what went on from day to day and Cllr Walker referred to the Clerk's duties to receive and reply to all correspondence as laid out in the Council's Standing Orders. Cllr Borman considered the Standing Orders to be 'garbage'. Cllr Parry proposed that the suggestion of two folders is tried out for two months and then reviewed and this was agreed by four votes in favour and three against.

g. Councillors considered a request by Cllr Borman that all written correspondence sent out by the Clerk is also signed by the Chairman. Cllr Walker stated that this is not a legal requirement and nor is it practical. Councillors voted by a majority not to have letters countersigned by the Chairman.

h. RDC Richmondshire Local Plan Core Strategy: proposed modifications - Councillors approved all proposed modifications apart from M/5/infra/04 5.15 which refers to waste water treatment capacity. It was felt that this is too vague and Councillors felt that Yorkshire Water should be more specific.

i. Councillors discussed further the possible locations for additional bicycle racks in town centre to be paid for and installed by the Town Team. It was agreed that the Town Team could seek permission from NYCC to place racks in the pavement outside the Tourist Information office and the Town Council could permit racks between the tree and the lamp post near Thomas the Bakers and also adjacent to the frontage of the Bolton Arms.

j. It was agreed to join the Richmondshire Local Sports Association 2014/15.

k. Councillors approved an application for membership of Society of Local Council Clerks for 2014.

l. Councillors approved the application from Mr D Close of the Golden Lion to place tables on Town Council land outside the Golden Lion on the Market Place in the area not required by adjoining market stall. He will be asked to use matching tables and chairs of a heavy weight to prevent them being blown around.

m. Wensleydale Rotary Club - Councillors considered the offer of trees to be planted to commemorate the centenary of the first World War. The number offered is between 30 – 105 and this was considered too large a number to plant. The Rotary Club will be asked to contact the Wensleydale School to ask if they could plant them instead. Cllr Borman suggested planting just one tree in the Shawl entrance. Councillors agreed not to take up the offer of many trees.

n. Councillors agreed to the request by the Shawl Fields Management Group to erect two signs (one at each end of the Shawl Fields) to state 'Cycling prohibited by order of Leyburn Town Council'.

o. By-election 11th September (Notice of Election to be issued 4th August) - Councillors agreed to order poll cards at a cost of £840 to the Town Council if an election is required to fill the remaining one vacancy.

p. Councillors discussed the maintenance of grass, hedges, bushes etc by current and future housing developers (item requested by Cllr Parry). Many small areas of grass are kept tidy by local residents in Leyburn but there are areas of landscaping in Dale Grove that are not being maintained by the housing developers. District Cllr Butler said that future developers may have to have a Section 106 Agreement to force them to maintain such areas for a certain length of time and when it draws to an end then nearby householders will have joint responsibility. Peter Featherstone at Richmondshire District Council will be asked if this can be incorporated in future planning applications. Cllr Borman requested that letters are sent to the District Council and NYCC asking them about their future plans for grass cutting in the town.

q. Friends of the Friarage - Councillors discussed the request for a donation towards the purchase of a MRI scanner for the Friarage Hospital. It was agreed to consider this again when the precept is set at the end of the year.

r. Tour de France – It was agreed that this had been a tremendous event for the town, which had attracted many visitors, possibly as many as 10,000. The atmosphere was good-willed and the whole weekend was a credit to those who organised it, in particular Richard Sanderson and his team. The Chairman thanked the Richmondshire District Council team who had cleaned and tidied up the town afterwards. Only 850 cars had used the dedicated car park, possibly because events in nearby villages had attracted people to watch the race from there instead.


a. 14/00290/Full Full planning for extension to café bar and proposed entrance porch, St Peter and St Paul Roman Catholic Primary School. Granted

b. 14/00293/Full Full planning for construction of two storey dwelling,
Old Workshops, Richmond Road. Granted

c. 14/00378/Full Full planning to replace the front entrance door, Rose Cottage, 6 Quarry Hills Lane. Granted

d. 14/00300/Full Full planning for provision of gate and gateposts to replace existing, 16 Brentwood. Granted

e. 13/00228/Full Full planning for construction of two storey Extra Care Development and 7 elderly persons bungalows with association parking and landscaping, land north west of Cliff Lodge, Harmby Road. Granted

Decision/Comment Required

f. 14/00453/Full Full planning for replacement of existing sash component only of front dormer window at 6A St Matthews Terrace, Harmby Road

g. 14/00468/VAR Variation of Condition 9 attached to planning permission 1/72/32B/PA/F to remove restriction on colours of caravans at Yorkshire Dales Holiday Park, Harmby Road.

h. 14/00506/Full Full planning for rear single and two storey extension to create a larger third bedroom to the first floor and an open plan kitchen and dining area to the ground floor at 49 Dale Grove.

i. 14/00500/Full Full planning for extension to Wensleydale Rugby Club to replace existing changing rooms, WCs and create new entrance foyer at Cawkill Park, Wensley Road.

Councillors had no objections to the above applications.

Decision/Comment Required

Councillors discussed further the application for a new roundabout for Wensleydale Avenue play area. A further £950 was required since the supplier had omitted to include the installation fee in the quote previously approved. Unfortunately there was no more grant funding available to cover this. It was agreed to see if the supplier would negotiate a lower installation price or alternatively try to find a cheaper roundabout. This will be brought back to a future meeting.

Decision/Comment Required

Councillors approved the accounts as attached.


Cllr Parry reported that although the cemetery looks tidy, the top bed behind the road wall requires much improvement. Ideally shrubs should be planted there and this will be added to the September Agenda. The path to the garden of remembrance needs weedkiller on it and the western hedge will be trimmed in the autumn.

Cllr Bell asked if the stone planter at the roundabout can be repaired.

Cllr Walker was concerned that the St Matthews Terrace street sign has still not been put back in place on the church railings. There is some confusion as to where exactly St Matthews Terrace begins so Richmondshire District Council will be asked where the sign should be placed.

2990. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday, 18th August 2014 in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall at 7.00 p.m.

Meeting closed
By Order of the Council.

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