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A Meeting of the above named Council convened by the Council was held in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall on Monday, 19th October 2015 at 7.00pm.

Present: Cllr Walker Cllr Sanderson
Cllr Begley Cllr Harrison
Cllr Pace Cllr Medley

District Cllrs Sedgewick and Duff

Richmondshire Leisure Trust – Austin Gordon, General Manager, talked to Councillors about the work of the Trust, the summer holiday activities they organise and the facilities that they offer to Richmondshire residents. The Trust runs the swimming pool, Liberty Health Club, Colburn Leisure Centre and even a new mini golf course outside Richmond Swimming Pool. The Trust is always seeking new initiatives to encourage people to use the available facilities and plans to use social media more often to advertise schemes such as the holiday activities. Councillors were very interested to hear about the Trust and thanked Mr Gordon for attending the Meeting.


Mrs Sheila Simms thanked Councillors for the £500 donation towards the 856 Sunday service bus. COF funding had also been granted and so the service can run during the winter months.

3175. APOLOGIES were received from Cllrs Harper, Bradford and Borman.

3176. To receive any Declaration of Interest under the Council's Code of Conduct or Members' Register of Interest – Cllr Sanderson declared an interest in item 6(i).

3177. MINUTES OF MEETING held on Monday, 21st September 2015 were approved as a correct record.


The next Parish Plan Meeting will be held on 29th October at 7 p.m. and Leah Swain from R.A.Y. will attend to offer advice to Councillors.

NYCC Highways did not consider that the vegetation at Eastfield Lodge was obstructing the pavement. However, it was agreed to send a polite request to the owners to ask them to cut it back.

A request had been received to place a seat on the eastern side of the market shelter. Councillors will be asked if they wish this to be considered at the November Meeting of the Council.


A meeting of the Shawl Fields Management Group had taken place and the first meeting in connection with the Parish Plan for Leyburn had been held. A Town Team meeting had also taken place. The new finger posts were ready for installation but the seat would be delayed. The Team was discussing holding a walking and cycling festival in Leyburn. Cllr Sanderson had attended a meeting to discuss the future of the Food Festival, a presentation of new ideas will be given to the current trustees.

Items Circulated

a. Clerks & Councils Direct – September 2015
b. Richmondshire Community News – October, 2015
c. Market Times - October 2015
d. National Association of British Market Authorities – Information Pack


e. Wensleydale Round Table - The bonfire and fireworks display will take place on the Shawl Playing Field on Thursday, 5th November 2015. The fire will be lit at 6.30 p.m. and the display begins at 7.00 p.m..

f. RDC - C.O.F. funding of £1,016 has been granted towards the purchase of a defibrillator and cabinet.

g. RDC - C.O.F. funding of £8,665 has been granted towards the installation of four electric points in the Market Place.

h. Remembrance Sunday, 8th November – This will begin at 10.45 a.m. followed by a service at the Catholic Church. A smaller gathering will be held on Wednesday, 11th November at 11.00 a.m. with a two minute silence.

Decision/Comment Required

i. Lower Wensleydale Business Network - Councillors granted permission for the use of the Market Place for the Christmas Event on Saturday, 5th December 2015. This year there will be more rides for children and a marquee with stalls inside.

j. Town Council Surgeries - It was agreed not to hold any further surgeries due to lack of interest from Leyburn residents. The Council can be contacted by email, through the website, by telephone or by calling at Thornborough Hall on weekday mornings.

k. Yorvik Homes proposed development on Brentwood – Further discussion and comment was not possible since no plans have been submitted yet. However, it was agreed to invite a representative from Yorvik Homes to attend the November Meeting of the Council to give a presentation to Councillors.

l. Parking restrictions on Brentwood – County Cllr Harrison-Topham would be contacted about this problem in order to ask for his help. NYCC highways claimed to have received 'too many objections' from residents but they would be asked for their definition of 'too many'. It was generally agreed that if the Yorvik Homes development goes ahead then strict parking restrictions will be needed for the first stretch of Brentwood because of increased traffic flow and construction traffic.

m. NYCC Highways: Removal of grit bin from Dale Grove – It was agreed not to retain the bin at ratepayers' expense since there are several other grit bins in that area.

n. NALC Financial Regulations – Councillors discussed the proposed new finance standing orders and made several changes before adopting them. These will replace the existing Finance Standing Orders. It was agreed to appoint Cllrs Harrison and Medley to carry out spot checks on approved payments.

o. Proposed replacement car park signs – Richmondshire District Council did not agree with the new wording. Following discussion it was agreed that it would better to leave the signs as they are and await the results of the residents' survey which will be carried out as part of the Parish Plan. It is possible that disk parking would be seriously considered in the future if Leyburn residents requested this, regardless of the cost to the town. Councillors agreed that a larger sign should be fixed to the wall of Ivy House directing drivers to the pay and display car park and the Clerk was asked to obtain a price for a new, free-standing sign to be positioned adjacent to the finger post in front of Ivy House.


a. 15/00624/LBC Listed Building Consent to dismantle and re-build a 2.8m x 4.3 m section of the north east buttress wall with stones to be clearly referenced, stacked and re-erected in their original positions at Middleham Bridge. Granted

b. 15/00421/Full Full planning for proposed single storey extensions and internal alterations to existing detached split level single storey building operating as Dental Practice, Leyburn Dental Surgery, Wensley Road. Granted

c. 15/00601/AA Advertisement consent for new signage, One Stop Stores Ltd, York House, Railway Street. Granted

d. 15/00517/Full Full planning to site three cabins/offices and one cabin/toilet, Leyburn Livestock Auction Mart, Richmond Road. Granted

Decision/Comment Required

e. 15/00688/FULL Change of use of ground floor store to the rear of Towlers Newsagents to a retail unit at Towlers, 32 Market Place, Leyburn.

f. 15/00706/FULL Full planning permission for extension to form dining room at 1 Brentwood, Leyburn.

g. 15/00699/FULL Full planning permission for two storey extension to bungalow to from additional habitable space at 1 Fell View, Market Place, Leyburn.

h. 15/00684/FULL Full planning permission to site a defibrillator cabinet on the wall adjacent to the Chemist at 7 Market Place, Leyburn.

i. 15/00762/LBC Listed Building Consent to site a defibrillator cabinet on the wall adjacent to the Chemist at 7 Market Place, Leyburn.

Councillors had no objections to the above applications.

3182. MARKET
Decision/Comment Required

a. Councillors agreed to allow Mrs Davis who is currently on the Market selling bread, pastries, cakes etc to bring a hot cabinet in order to sell hot pies.

b. Councillors gave approval for Christmas and New Year weeks markets to be held on Thursday, 24th December and Thursday, 31st December 2015.

Decision/Comment Required

Councillors awarded the Christmas Lights contract for 2015 to E & P Electrics Ltd from Bedale. It was also agreed to pay for the garland lights to be fixed to lightweight frames to prevent their knotting up in windy weather.

Decision/Comment Required

a. Councillors approved the accounts as attached.

b. The External Auditor's Certificate and Opinion for 2014/15 has been received and the Town Council accounts are considered accurate and satisfactory.


Cllr Sanderson reported that there is overhanging vegetation from gardens along Harmby Road near to the petrol station.

Cllr Begley reported several streetlights not working in the Market Place.

Dangerous stunts in cars are being carried out at the auction mart, the Police will be asked to keep a check on this.

3186. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday, 16th November 2015 in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall at 7.00 p.m.

Meeting closed
By Order of the Council.

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