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A Meeting of the above named Council convened by the Council was held in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall on Monday, 20th April 2105.

Present: Cllr Bainbridge Cllr Parry
Cllr Pace Cllr Harper
Cllr Sanderson Cllr Begley

District Cllrs Duff and Butler


District Cllr Butler commented on how much she had enjoyed working with the Town Council during the past eight years and she was now standing down as a District Councillor in order to start a new business. She was thanked by the Council for her work on behalf of the town.

District Cllr Duff informed Councillors that people receiving postal votes had also received letters stating that there was no election required. This was only applicable to the Town Council and not the District Council or parliamentary election.

Mrs Sheila Simms commented on how fresh and clean the market shelter looks now that it has been repainted. Unfortunately there is a problem of litter inside the shelter in the mornings and this has been caused by those who use it early in the morning when it is opened.

Mrs Simms felt strongly that the developers of the new houses on Richmond Road should be made to properly reinstate the grass verges outside the houses and also those on the other side of the road where vehicles had been parked.

Mrs Simms thanked the Town Council for the use of the Oak Room for the recent meeting of the bus user group. It had been well-attended.

3098. APOLOGIES were received from Cllrs Walker and Borman. Cllr Harrison had written to inform the Town Council that he was now standing down and wished the Council well.

3099. To receive any Declaration of Interest under the Council's Code of Conduct or Members' Register of Interest – There were no declarations of interest.

3100. MINUTES OF MEETING held on Monday, 16th March 2015 were approved as a correct record.


There were eight candidates for the nine Town Council seats so the Council is allowed to co-opt a ninth Councillor. Posters will be put up to advertise this and candidates should put their applications in writing to the Town Council by 15th May (to Thornborough Hall, Leyburn DL8 5AB). They should include details of why they would like to become a Town Councillor and for further information the Town Council can be contacted on (01969) 622561 on weekday mornings or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

NYCC Highways had informed the Town Council that the white lining indicating the car park would not be extended since it was considered to be appropriate. The lines would be repainted. The roundabout has been repainted. The dip in Harmby Road near the building site has still not been repaired and will be followed up again. The metal sign pointing to the Kelberdale toilets has been replaced.

The Leyburn First Responders had sent a report on the number of cases that North Yorkshire volunteers had attended during the past twelve months and there was a large increase compared to the previous year. Recruitment events will be held in Leyburn to help to bolster the local team. The Clerk informed Councillors that there is a defibrillator currently stored in the Old Town Hall and the First Responders group is in the process of obtaining an exterior cabinet in which to store it so that it can be more easily accessible in an emergency.


Cllr Parry had attended the Shawl Meeting. A date had been set for thistle cutting and some spraying will also be carried out at a later date. Trees will be planted on certain sections of Chapel Flatts field to replace ones that had died.

Cllrs Bainbridge, Sanderson and Walker had all attended a special meeting of the Town Team at which Mike King, a town planner, had given the group further ideas about the promotion of the town. He had drawn up a list of suggestions and a copy of this will also be sent to the Town Council. The Town Team had received funding from the Richmondshire District Council Communities Opportunity Fund. New bike racks have been installed in the Market place and the group will look at the possible refurbishment of the finger posts and the installation of freestanding display boards in the town centre.

Items Circulated

a. Clerks & Councils Direct – March 2015
b. Market Times - April 2015
c. Police & Crime Commissioner - Community Speedwatch


d. "Sportive Cycle Ride" on 16th May 2015 - This is a non-competitive cycle ride from Croft (leaving at 8.00 a.m.), going towards the Buttertubs, passing through Leyburn and then back to Croft (by 5.00 p.m.).

e. RDC : Communities Opportunity Fund 2015 – 16: Deadline for applications is
15th December 2015 (bids above £5,000) and 31st January 2016 (bids below £5,000). There is £40,000 allocated to Leyburn for grants.

f. RDC – Richmondshire Area Partnership Funding Scheme 2015 – 16: Applications are invited for grants up to £500. Deadline is 4th September 2015.

Decision/Comment Required

g. Councillors discussed amending the limit on the current value for supply of goods or services above which it must go out to tender from £1,500 to £2,500. It was agreed to leave this at £1,500.

h. Councillors agreed to adopt new Standing Orders (most recent issued by NALC). The Clerk will check on the validity of Standing Orders numbers 26 to 30 that had been added by the Town Council over the past few years and also orders 25d and 1t. YLCA will be asked for advice about a model policy on speaking to the media.

i. Councillors gave permission for Mr J Murphy of South Shields to hold his Annual Fair on the Market Place from Friday, 15th May to Sunday 17th May 2015. He will be asked to send a copy of his public liability insurance.


a. 15/00001/Full Full planning for alterations to existing offices to provide additional first floor office and storage space, Critchley Hall Solicitors, Golden Lion Yard, Market Place. Granted

b. 15/00041/Full Full planning for proposed greenhouse within the cartilage of property, West End House, Riseber Lane. Granted

c. 14/00988/Full Full planning for replacement of external ATM; new ATM to be Equality Act compliant, HSBC Bank, High Street. Granted

Decision/Comment Required

d. 15/00132/Full Full planning for installation of 10 x all black solar panels on the roof to the south elevation in 2 rows of 5 in portrait at 6 Brentwood.

e. 15/00162/Full Full planning for internal alterations to the annex including a new roof light and flue through the garage roof at West End House, Riseber Lane

f. 15/00248/Full Full planning for change of use from Engineering Workshop building to amateur Boxing Club at Workshop and Garage, Station Yard, Harmby Road.

With regard to item 7(d), Councillors felt that the solar panels would be out of keeping with the location adjacent to St Matthews Church and the conservation area.

With regard to items 7(e) and 7(f) Councillors had no objections.


a. A new toddler roundabout has been installed at the Wensleydale Avenue playground. This was part funded (£2,370) by the RDC Communities Opportunity Fund (COF).

Decision/Comment Required

b. Councillors approved the purchase of one picnic bench for the Shawl playground at the price of £140.83.

Decision/Comment Required

a. Councillors agreed to appoint Mr Ian Smithson as the Internal Auditor for 2014-15.

b. Councillors approved the accounts as attached.


Cllr Begley asked when the broken paving slabs would be replaced near to the new bike rack in front of the bakers shop. He noted that Richmondshire District Council has still not followed up the matter of the satellite dish put up on the Market Place.

Cllr Harper asked if the Town Council could decide on a policy for allowing political stands in the Friday market. This will be added to the agenda for a future meeting.

The lights are still on all night in both sets of toilets in the town centre. Richmondshire District Council will be contacted about this again.

Some of the wooden flower tubs in the town centre are in need of repair or replacement. The Business Association will follow this up.

Cllr Mavis Parry informed Councillors that this was her last meeting of the Town Council as she is standing down for reasons of age. She felt that she is leaving the Council in very good hands. She also commented on how much the Town Council has achieved during her time as a Councillor. Cllr Bainbridge, vice-chairman of the Town Council, praised Cllr Parry for her hard work during the 16 years she has served as a Councillor. During that time she had also been a member of the working parties for the cemetery, playing field and market as well as attending numerous external meetings on behalf of the Town Council. Cllr Bainbridge presented her with a bouquet as a token of the Council's appreciation. Cllr Sanderson also thanked Cllr Parry for her hard work.

Cllr Parry asked if something to commemorate the Tour de France could be placed in the town centre. This was discussed previously. Cllr Begley is arranging for a pictorial plaque to be fixed to the outside of his premises.

3108. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday, 18th May 2015 in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall at 7.00 p.m.

Meeting closed
By Order of the Council.

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