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A Meeting of the above named Council convened by the Council was held in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall on Monday, 19th January 2015.

Present: Cllr Walker Cllr Bainbridge
Cllr Parry Cllr Sanderson
Cllr Harrison Cllr Pace
Cllr Begley

District Cllr Butler

3059. PUBLIC REPRESENTATIONS – District Cllr Butler is urging NYCC to consider making Leyburn Library a 'hybrid' library in 2017 so that it can be staffed part time. The Town Council has already sent in its comments as part of the ongoing consultation.

3060. APOLOGIES were received from Cllrs Borman and Harper and District Cllr Duff.

3061. To receive any Declaration of Interest under the Council's Code of Conduct or Members' Register of Interest – There were no declarations.

3062. MINUTES OF MEETING held on Monday, 15th December 2014 were approved.


The Chairman and Clerk had presented Margaret Taylor with a card, a bouquet and a gift upon her retirement as Market Superintendent.

Richmondshire District Council urgently required the suggestions for names for the new cul de sacs to be built at the eastern end of Brentwood. The names already submitted were not suitable and therefore Councillors suggested Coverdale Close, Bishopdale Close, Walden Close and Raydale Close.

NYCC had sent details of the Minerals and Waste Local Plan, which included a possible 'waste transfer station' at Hillcrest at Harmby. The Clerk will find out more information about the proposal.

The road subsidence on Harmby Road near Hudspeths Carpets is still not repaired. NYCC Highways are meeting with Yorkshire Water and the gas contractors to discuss remedial work.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance and the Great North Air Ambulance had both sent letters of thanks for the donations sent to them.

Leyburn Fire Station is holding an open evening at 7.15 p.m. on 3rd February for local businesses and Councillors to demonstrate the skills of the firefighters.

Speeding problems on Middleham Road and possible solutions will be discussed at the February Meeting of the Council. Cllr Sanderson reported that he had already talked to Sgt. Grainger about this and it was likely that the speed gun will be used more regularly to catch speeding motorists.

3064. REPORTS FROM MEETINGS ATTENDED BY COUNCILLORS – Cllrs Walker and Pace and the Clerk had met with Ian Leathley to discuss his request (item 6e on the Agenda).


a. Town Councillors' Surgery will be held from 2 - 4 p.m. on Tuesday,
20th January in the Oak Room at Thornborough Hall.

b. RDC Communities Opportunity Fund 2014/15 - The Town Council has been awarded a grant of £2,370 towards the toddler roundabout for the Maythorne Playground. It was agreed to now go ahead with the project.

Decision/Comment Required

c. Councillors voted to temporarily suspend Standing Order no. 29 (b).

d. Drainage works in Market Place – Councillors discussed the problem of another blockage in the culvert and accepted the quote from Bikers for the installation of a new drain. This work requires carrying out as soon as possible as a matter of urgency.

e. Leathley's House & Home – Councillors discussed Mr Leathley's request to rent a strip of land on the edge of the cobbled area in front his new shop. He would sell seasonal goods from new trolleys of a lower height than his existing ones at the Town Hall. It was agreed that he would be granted permission for a trial period of six months and he would be asked to send details to the Town Council of the trolleys that he intended to use.

f. New extra care housing scheme on Harmby Road – Suggestions for a name have been requested by Broadacres and these should be submitted by
23rd January.


a. 14/00748/Full Full planning for amendments to windows, new internal partitions, removal of internal partitions and new structural openings to first floor; change of use of Old Mill section to residential. Walk Mill, Mill Lane, Leyburn. Granted

b. 14/00749/LBC Listed Building Consent for amendments to windows, new internal partitions, removal of internal partitions and new structural openings to first floor; alterations to Old Mill section in association with change of use to residential. Walk Mill, Mill Lane, Leyburn. Granted

c. 14/00821/Full 14/00821/Full Full planning to convert part of existing garage to form dog grooming salon; installation of side door and window,
4 Hawthorne Close. Granted

d. 14/00855/Full Full planning for extension to form sun lounge and installation of two first floor balconies, replacing existing windows with patio doors, Oaklodge, 2 Jenkins Garth. Granted

Decision/Comment Required

e. 14/00945/Full Full planning for widening of external ground floor door opening to south elevation at Calderstones, Park View, Leyburn.

f. 14/00988/Full Full planning for replacement of external ATM; new ATM to be Equality Act Complaint at HSBC Bank, High Street, Leyburn.

g. RDC - Quarry Hills Conservation Area appraisal and management plan.

Councillors had no objections or comments to the above applications.

3067. MARKET

a. Fran Steeples, the flower seller, has retired from market trading and Councillors wished her well and commented on the beautiful stall she used to have. A letter of thanks will be sent to her. Councillors will discuss a replacement at the February Meeting of the Council.

Decision/Comment Required

b. Councillors approved the temporary employment of Mr Will Dinsdale as Market Superintendent. The job will be advertised and the contract and job description for the post will be discussed in closed session after the meeting.

Decision/Comment Required

Councillors accepted the quotation of £155 from Dave Spenceley for the planting of new shrubs in the Cemetery but still require details of the shrubs to be supplied.

Decision/Comment Required

a. Councillors approved the accounts as attached.

b. Councillors agreed to set the precept for 2015/16 at £37,660, which includes £3,000 for election costs.


The light on the new lamp post above the dental practice is not lit.

The Police will carry out speed gun checks on Middleham Road.

The lower end of the path in the cemetery needs checking and there are reports of hedge cuttings not cleared away.

There are now very few spaces remaining in the existing cemetery so a site meeting will be held in the extension area in order to draw up a new plan of burial plots.

The Police have been informed about two local dogs that have been seen running loose in the Shawl Fields. A letter has also been sent to the owners.

3071. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday, 16th February 2015 in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall at 7.00 p.m.

Meeting closed
By Order of the Council.

The meeting was re-convened after item 3071 with the press and public excluded in accordance with the Local Government Act 1972 para 12 Schedule 12A part 1 in order to discuss staffing matters.

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