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A Meeting of the above named Council convened by the Council was held in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall on Monday, 20th June 2016 at 7.00 p.m.

Present: Cllr Walker Cllr Harper
Cllr Harrison Cllr Borman
Cllr Pace Cllr Begley
Cllr Medley Cllr Sanderson

District Cllrs Sedgewick and Duff


The Rev. Chris thanked people for their support for the Flower festival and the hog roast at St Matthews Church, both events had gone very well. District Cllr Sedgwick said that the events were a great celebration of the Queen's 90th birthday.

The Food Festival held the previous weekend had gone well and it was good to see so many people in the town.

3280. APOLOGIES were received from Cllr Bradford.

3281. To receive any Declaration of Interest under the Council’s Code of Conduct or Members’ Register of Interest - There were no declarations of interest.

3282. MINUTES OF MEETING held on Monday, 16th May 2016 – Cllr Borman was concerned that the minutes appear in Leyburn Life magazine before they are approved by the Town Council. Cllr Walker replied that it is a report of the meeting and not the minutes that appear in the magazine. There was a disagreement between Cllr Borman and Cllr Walker and Cllr Walker left the meeting.

In the absence of the Deputy Chairman, Cllr Sanderson, it was agreed that Cllr Pace should chair the meeting until his arrival.

Councillors approved the minutes of the meeting as a correct record with the addition of details of the proposal and seconding of Cllr Sanderson as Deputy Chairman at the previous meeting.


The defibrillator training session held on 31st May was very poorly attended. The Deputy Clerk was the only Leyburn resident who attended and the six other attendees were from Finghall.

The embankment opposite the railway station which is covered in builder's waste belongs the house further along the track. The owner cannot be forced to remove the waste. It was agreed to send a letter to him to ask him to remove the rubbish and if that has no success then the District Council will be contacted again.

The 'Wheels 2 Work' scheme is still running successfully, lending mopeds to young people to help them to travel to work, training or education. For more information contact wheels2work.co.uk or ring 01609 761682.

Persimmon had apologised for the long delay in arranging for their contractor to cut the grass at Dale Grove. Hedges and bushes will be trimmed after the nesting season. They would like the Council to adopt these areas. Richmondshire District Council will be contacted about this in the first instance and will also be asked how many years Persimmon have the responsibility for cutting the grass.

NYCC Highways will paint more 'Keep Clear' wording onto the road at the lower end of Shawl Terrace.


The Clerk confirmed that Cllr Borman's notes from the CCG Meeting that he had attended had been forwarded to all Councillors.

Cllr Medley had attended an Open Evening held at Leyburn Surgery. Those present heard more about the many cutbacks, including the end of the shuttlebus service between the Friarage and James Cook Hospitals and the transferring of some treatments to Co. Durham. It was still hoped that the Brentwood Lodge chiropody and dental services could be moved to new premises adjacent to the existing surgery but this depends on securing funding.

Cllr Pace had attended a Town Plan Steering Group Meeting. The consultation plan, project plan and outline budget were now in place and the application for funding from the 'Stronger Communities' grant would soon be submitted. District Cllr Duff said that in September additional funding would be available, if required, from the District Council's Economic Development Fund.

Items Circulated

a. Clerks & Councils Direct – May 2016
b. YLCA Richmondshire Branch – Minutes Feb. 2016
c. YLCA Joint Executive Board – Minutes Oct/Nov 2015
d. Carers Week Newsletter

Decision/Comment Required

a. Wensleydale Wheels – It was agreed to send a letter of support.

Cllr Sanderson arrived at the meeting and took over the role of Chairman

b. St Matthews Church – Councillors agreed to the request to allow the mobile show trailer belonging to the 'Church about the Dale' charity to stand in the Market Place every month to offer advice to people with debt problems and other social issues. Religion will not be promoted.

Decision/Comment required

Councillors discussed a request by the Town Plan Steering Group to set up a Town Plan bank account and to move funding allocated within the precept into this account. It was agreed that it would be better for the funding to remain in the Town Council account, ringfenced for the use of the Group. Other grants could be paid into the same account and a separate statement could be produced each month. Cllr Pace will report this back to the Steering Group.


a. 16/00234/Full Full planning for proposed detached double garage, Thornborough Garth, 27 Richmond Road. Granted

b. 16/00193/Full Full planning for rear extension to provide garden room over basement room, Oak Lodge, 2 Jenkins Garth, Leyburn. Granted

c. 16/00178/Full Full planning for single storey extension to the rear of 39A Brentwood. Granted

Decision/Comment Required

d. 16/00327/Full Full planning to change the usage of the property from B1 light industrial and B8 storage to a commercial facility to incorporate a Gymnasium at 5 Badger Court, Harmby Road.

Councillors ratified comments sent in that there were no objections to this application.

e. 16/00358/Full Full planning for the removal of the existing 11.5 metre high monopole, the installation of a 12.5 metre high phase 5 monopole and 2 equipment cabinets (a BTS3900A stacked cabinet measuring 600 x 480 x 160 mm) and an 1800 cabinet measuring 600 x 480 x 900 mm and associated development at Telecommunications site 19671, Leyburn Livestock Auction Mart, Richmond Road. This application had been withdrawn.

f. Councillors ratified comments sent in on 6th June that there were no objections - 16/00290/Full Full planning for removal of 1960’s dormer window to north elevation and replacement with conservation roof window and reclaimed blue slate infill at Wensleydale House, 11 St Matthew’s Terrace.

g. Councillors discussed the proposal by Cllr Pace that the Town Council should be represented at all site meetings and attend any RDC Planning Committee meeting regarding a Leyburn application. He also felt that more detailed comments should be submitted by the Town Council. It was agreed that the planning application response process within the Town Council would be discussed at the July Meeting and the Clerk will obtain copies of the CPRE planning guide for Councillors prior to that.

3288. MARKET

Electric points are now in use by traders. Cables used will be checked for safety.


a. The public right to inspect the accounts takes place from 20th June to 29th July 2016 by arrangement with the office.

Decision/Comment Required

b. Councillors had all received the detailed report of the Internal Auditor who was satisfied with the 2015/16 accounts of the Town Council. The Clerk will add an additional column to the monthly balance sheet given to Councillors to show the budget agreed under each heading. The Clerk's contract should be brought up to date to show that she is also the RFO (Responsible Finance Officer). The Clerk will contact the YLCA to enquire about any suitable computerised accounts systems for Town Councils.

c. Councillors approved Section 1 ‘Annual Governance Statements 2015/16’ of the Annual Return.

d. Councillors approved Section 2 ‘Accounting Statement 2015/16’ of the Annual Return.

e. Councillors approved the May 2016 accounts as attached.


Dog-fouling in the Market Place has worsened. House and Home will be asked if their CCTV has recorded any useful footage of the culprit(s).

The District Council will be asked if they can site another bin outside the Black Swan.

The no cold-calling stickers issued to householders have the incorrect phone number. The new number is 03454 040506.

Vehicles parking in front of the Sandpiper are frequently blocking the access to the pub and the footpath. North Yorkshire County Council will be contacted since it belongs to them.

There are overhanging bushes along Harmby Road near to the petrol station which are obstructing the exit lane between the houses.

3291. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday, 18th July 2016 in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall at 7.00 p.m.

Meeting closed
By Order of the Council.

The meeting was re-convened after item 3291 with the press and public excluded in accordance with the Local Government Act 1972 para. 12 Schedule 12A part 1 in order to discuss a staffing matter.

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