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Minutes of the meeting of the above named Council convened by the Council held in the Oak room, Thornborough Hall on Monday, 18th June 2018 at 7.00pm.


PRESENT:     Cllr Walker (Mayor)                Cllr Sanderson (Deputy Mayor)

                     Cllr Begley                               Cllr Medley                 

                     Cllr Pace                                 Cllr Read                    

                     Cllr Riley                                 Cllr Wood

                     Mrs C Smith (Clerk)                 Ms B Hurst (Deputy Clerk)

                     District Cllr Duff

                     PC Julian Sutcliffe


A member of the public questioned the Councils objection and comments submitted about planning application 18/00173/FULL.

Police Matters

PC Julian Sutcliffe gave an update on current police matters.

There has been a recent burglary of a flat on The Nurseries, Leyburn. This was during the day whilst the property was occupied; residents are advised to keep doors locked even when you are home during the day.

There has been an increase in door to door seller’s targeting the elderly, specifically people offering drive cleaning, moss removal from roofs and gutter cleaning services.

Residents are warned not to take up any door to door services and asked to report any suspicious activity to the police. Two door to door sellers have been convicted in court this week for not having a pedlars certificate to do so.

An update on the break in at the Dalesman Club and Laundrette, police believe they have identified the people responsible.

1.         APOLOGIES

Cllr Bradford

District Cllr Sedgwick


Cllr Sanderson declared an interest in items 3a and 6e.


To receive written applications and conduct interviews for the office of Town Councillor and to co-opt a candidate to fill the existing vacancy. Resolved- Cllr walker proposed that we appoint Mrs Douthwaite, this was seconded by Cllr Medley and all Councillors were in favour (Cllr Sanderson declared an interest therefore abstained).

Mrs Suzanne Marie Douthwaite was interviewed for the position.


The Council resolved that the Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 21st May 2018 were approved as a true and accurate record of the meeting.


Cllr Medley attended the Patient Participation group and reported that the meeting was poorly attended.

CLERKS REPORT The police have been informed about the issue highlighted at the last meeting of speeding vehicles on the A6108. Members of the public are encouraged to report speeding concerns online at https://northyorkshire.police.uk/what-we-do/road-policing/community-speed-watch/   The Flavour of Herriot Country Awards 2018.  They are very keen to see as many of our wonderful food and drink businesses enter these awards as possible.  It is a great showcase for local businesses and helps to raise their profile. The award entry opens on 18th June 2018 and closes on 31st August 2018.  The awards culminate in a ceremony on 30th November at The Garden Rooms, Tennants.  For further details please visit www.flavoursofherriotcountryawards.com .

Upcoming Events

Following the enquiry about planning permission for the water tower at the Railway station, the planning authority has confirmed that this is exempt and that planning permission was not required.

The Little white Bus Company were contacted about overnight parking in Grove Square, the bus is parked here as it has been vandalised in the past when left overnight in other locations.

or by completing a speed concern form through the speed management protocol.

Updates since last meeting

Toilet doors at Kelberdale Terrace continue to be vandalised by people forcing the doors and breaking the locks. This is occurring predominantly after school, the area is closely monitored by the police to identify the people responsible.

Your favourite cycling route in Yorkshire and the Humber competition. Organised by Clicktrans.com for residents of Yorkshire and the Humber region. The aim of our initiative is to encourage people to a physical activity and promote bicycle touring in Yorkshire and the Humber region.

To take part in the competition, one has to submit a project entitled: “My favourite cycling route in Yorkshire and the Humber”. It may take a form of text, photography or video they have authored.  The project submission deadline is July 12, 2018. The entries shall be submitted via email to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


a) Information- Quotes for Market Square Re-surfacing were given to Cllrs for future reference.

b) Cleanliness of Kelberdale Toilets.

The Council discussed the issue and resolved to defer this to the July meeting.

c) Review of LTC Standing Orders.

The Council decided to defer this item to the next meeting.

d) Quotations for the installation of bollards in the Market Square.

This item is deferred to a future meeting, as we are still awaiting quotes.

e) To consider the donations request from students taking part in the World Duathlon Championships.

The Council resolved to donate the sum of £100.00. Cllr Pace proposed that £50.00 should be donated to each student upon completion of funding, this was seconded by Cllr Medley and all Councillors voted in favour.


a) 2017/18 Income and Expenditure.

The Council resolved to approve the 2017-18 reconciliation of the Thornborough Hall account.

b) Planting of central flower bed at Thornborough Hall.

The Council resolved to bring this back to a future meeting once the summer flowers have finished.

8.         PLANNING

a) 18/00350/FULL Full Planning Permission to Replace Two Existing Ground Floor Kitchen Windows and First Floor Bathroom Window to West Elevation with Timber Double Glazed Units at Friends Meeting House, 7 Grove Square, Moor Road, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5AE.  Resolved –No Objections

9.         MARKET

Application from Mabel Worsdale (Worsdale Cakes), Hunton, Bedale for a Permanent Pitch on the Market to Sell Cakes. Resolved- Application Granted.0

10.       CEMETERY    

To discuss and agree a solution on the issue of overnight parking in the new cemetery area.

Resolved- A notice stating no overnight parking will be put up.

11.       ACCOUNTS

a) 2017/18 Income, expenditure and reconciliation of all accounts.

The Council resolved to approve the 2017-18 reconciliation of all accounts.

b) Direct Debits to Richmondshire District Council for Business Rates

Resolved- The Council approved the set up and payment of business rates by Direct Debit.

The Council resolved to accept the payments and receipts for May and the bank reconciliation as at 31st May 2018.

c) Audit

Report from the Internal Auditor

The Council examined the internal Auditors report. There was a recommendation that the Council consider data cloud storage for the backup of data.

d) Annual Governance Statement (Section1 – Annual Governance Statement 2017-18 of the Annual Return AGAR) – to approve by resolution.

The Council resolved to approve the Annual Governance Statement.

e) Accounting Statements (Section 2 – Accounting statements 2017- 18 of the Annual Return AGAR) – to be considered by the members meeting as a whole, to approve by resolution and to ensure they are signed and dated by the person presiding at the meeting at which the approval is given.

The Council resolved to approve the Accounting Statements.


Cllr’s Sanderson and Pace reported that the Festival of Food and Drink was a successful weekend.

Cllr Medley reported that sheep had been escaping from the Chapel Flatts Field through gardens of houses on Risber. Residents are asked to please ensure their gates are securely closed.

13.       DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday, 16th July 2018 in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall at 7.00 p.m.                    

Meeting closed

By Order of the Council.


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