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Local facilities owned and run by Leyburn Town Council

Friday market, Leyburn Market  Place, 

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A large weekly market with a wide range of stalls. All enquiries to the Town Council (details on Contact Page).

Leyburn Cemetery and Garden of Remembrance

Wensley Road, Leyburn

All enquiries to the Town Council (details on Contact Page).

Children’s playgrounds

There is a large playground for all ages located on Leyburn Shawl (access from the path through the Shawl Fields) and a small playground for young children located on Wensleydale Avenue, Leyburn (outside the Primary School).

Shawl Fields

The Shawl (click for larger image) Penhill (click for larger image)Located to the west of the town and within walking distance of the town centre, these are three grazing fields with a popular footpath running through them which leads to Leyburn Shawl and eventually to the village of Preston under Scar. From the first field, Chapel Flatts, there are spectacular views across Wensleydale. There is an information panel at the start of the walk and also one located on the market shelter in the Market Place. Dogs are permitted but should be kept on a lead when livestock are in the fields. There is a dog bin located at the start of the walk.

Thornborough Hall (see other section of website for full details)

Beautiful Victorian Hall located on Moor Road on the edge of the town centre. This building houses the Town Council Office, Leyburn Library, North Yorkshire County Council Registry Office as well as two floors of privately let offices. The Oak Room on the ground floor can be hired for weddings, meetings etc. For further information about these facilities please refer to the Thornborough Hall section of the website or contact the Town Council Office.

Kelberdale Terrace Public Toilets

These were taken over by the Town Council in 2012 to prevent their closure and were fully refurbished in summer 2012. They are located near to Towlers Newsagents, Market Place and are open daily. Any complaints or comments should be referred to the Town Council Office.

Market place, Commercial Square and Grove Square

Parking is permitted on these squares and we ask for a donation to be paid into the donation boxes located at the market shelter in the central Market Place and also next to the tree in Commercial Square. No HGVs or caravans are permitted on the squares and no overnight parking of campervans/caravans is permitted. We politely request that walkers use the pay and display car park located behind the Golden Lion so that the town centre parking spaces can be used by shoppers.

Clock on St Matthew’s Church

The Town Council is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the clock.

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